What you should know….

No I can’t forget tomorrow, when I think of all my sorrows, when I had you there and then Iet you go, and now its only fair that I should let you know….  What you should know…

—Harry Nillson

What you should know….

What I should tell you….

I’m sorry.

Sorry that you were hurt in my search for myself.

Sorry that I pushed you away because of my own insecurities and fears.

Sorry that as much as I loved you, and still continue loving you, it just wasn’t enough. 

If love were all we needed we’d be enjoying our happily ever after. 

And I’m sorry that we aren’t.

I’m sorry you don’t know how much I still do love you.  How deeply it’s still felt.  Will always be felt.

I’m sorry that everyone since you, will be compared to you, and will never measure up.


…you will forever be my always.


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