A letter to the past….

Dear Past Me —-

You’ve made it this far, and even though at moments we question it, sanity is still intact. Who would’ve thought, right????

Be prepared for some seriously rough spots, but keep your head up, because even though you’re gonna hurt, and doubt, and at times be tempted to throw in the towel, know that the good times, are gonna be GREAT TIMES.

You are gonna meet amazing people, you’ll lose touch with some, but a few will be there for the long haul. Cherish every moment with every one.

Trust your instincts. You doubt yourself too often, or ignore your gut in order to avoid rocking the boat. TO HELL WITH THE BOAT AND WORRIES ABOUT WAVES!!!!! Follow what your heart tells you, no matter what.

Hold your head up high, trust me, you’ve earned it.


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